Digital transformation for global insurance company



  • Business was severely impacted by disruptive technology
  • Need to transform the enterprise
  • Need to accelerate time to market


  • Re-platforming several applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Modernizing core legacy applications
  • Agile development: pair programming and training


  • Enabling the benefits of PCF for business critical applications
  • A more responsive, risk-taking culture
  • Improved time to market and reduced operation costs

The case

Pivotal transforms how the world builds software. Companies with the Silicon Valley state of mind are pushing the boundaries of human behavior and how business gets done. They’re nimble, software-driven, and competitive; many are market leaders, but there’s no monopoly on good ideas. Traditional businesses have been successful for a reason, they have experience on their side; yet they’re eager to embrace the digital future and that’s where Pivotal excels.

Pivotal’s challenges

Pivotal’s customer learned that if you can’t get your products to market more quickly, the market will have changed. No matter how well the product has been developed, it’s just a little too late. Keeping up with the speed of market changes also implies that legacy applications need to adapt with matching velocity. Especially in the insurance market where disruption is a major factor.

The choice for Grape Up

As a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and a Pivotal Ready Advanced Partner, Grape Up‘s experience and agile approach to application development are well known within Pivotal. This made Grape Up the perfect candidate to help with this project. Grape is part of the Cloud Foundry community and can support different kinds of projects such as: installation of Cloud Foundry, re-platforming, modernization of existing applications and building new Cloud Native applications.

Grape Up’s deliverables and biggest challenge

Partnering together with Pivotal, Grape Up helped to modernize and re-platform several business-critical applications to Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry platform. The biggest challenge was modernizing complex legacy applications to enable the benefits of the Cloud and to run them on PCF.

Project achievements

Thanks to choosing to use PCF, Pivotal’s customer can now leverage the benefits of the Cloud. Leveraging the benefits of Cloud Native applications means improved time to market and reduced operating costs. As a result of the joint effort of Pivotal and Grape Up, the customer is able to innovate at the speed of business on the insurance market.