Full-featured web collaboration software



  • Leveraging web and mobile technologies for online collaboration
  • Develop client applications for the web conferencing offering
  • Balance development needs with the required financial investment


  • Dedicated team of specialists in web and mobile technologies
  • Developed multiple core product modules using an Agile approach
  • Long-term partnership to ensure a high degree of business continuity


  • One of the first web conferencing solutions suited for small businesses
  • In 2011 Persony was acquired by Avaya, a global leader in UC software
  • Grape Up proved to be a trusted partner during the integration process with Avaya

The case

Persony, founded in 2004 by an Apple QuickTime co-creator, provided full-featured web collaboration software. In 2011 with several years of great market adoption and growth, Persony was subsequently acquired by Avaya, a Fortune500 company and global leader in UC solutions. Persony’s technology has been used in Avaya’s Aura products all over the world.

Persony’s challenges

Although Persony was a technically well-equipped company, they had a skill gap in mobile and web technologies. Already having an established customer base in SME, Persony had the challenge of finding the right partner willing to make the solution Enterprise-ready.

The choice for Grape Up

Already with extensive experience in developing Unified Communications software, especially in web technology, Grape Up partnered with Persony to create best-in-class web collaboration software.

Grape Up’s deliverables and biggest challenge

Working closely with Persony, Grape Up architected, developed and maintained several client applications for Persony’s web conferencing solution:

  • Flash-based browser client
  • Unique desktop screen sharing solution
  • Mobile client for attending web meetings off-site

Project achievements

With the help of Grape Up, Persony created a strong and advanced web conferencing solution. Because of great market adoption, they got the attention of UC market leader, Avaya, and were acquired in 2011. Avaya then added Persony’s solution to their own web conferencing and collaboration offering. Grape Up proved to be essential to both Avaya and Persony in integrating Persony’s technology with Avaya’s products and this technology is still being leveraged as part of Avaya’s UC solution.