Next-generation multi-platform UC solution



  • Develop a single UC solution
  • Create a unified user experience
  • Reduce maintenance costs and complexity


  • SDK-based architecture integrated with legacy technology
  • UC client with a modern, simple and action-oriented UI
  • Dedicated platform native development teams


  • Unified multi-platform user experience
  • Lower cost of maintenance
  • Feature parity across all platforms

The case

Avaya is a recognized global innovator leading business communications for the digital age. Avaya delivers smart global solutions and technologies for customer and team engagement, unified communications and collaboration, contact center and customer experience management, and networking.

Avaya‘s challenge

Avaya is a global leader in Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies. Their ambition was to create a superior offering for the Team Engagement product portfolio. The goal was to design a unified user experience across all different modes of communication and collaboration.

The choice for Grape Up

Grape Up has been Avaya’s top software development partner for many years and resulted in a high degree of knowledge and understanding of Avaya’s business. Because of the engineering complexity and large size of the project Avaya decided that Grape Up would be the best fit.

Grape Up’s deliverables and biggest challenge

With the desired business outcomes in mind, the decision was made to develop several applications for all platforms. Dedicated teams were formed for development of iOS/Android, Web, OS X and Windows applications, User Experience and Quality Assurance. Major challenges for Grape Up were to seamlessly integrate complex legacy technology and develop a common SDK layer. This was achieved by leveraging state-of-the-art platform specific technologies.

Project outcomes

Thanks to the agile approach and experience with CI/CD, Grape Up was able to develop an easy-to-use multi-platform UC solution. With feature parity across all platforms, Grape Up created a truly unified user experience. Having one solution that encompasses all tools for team communication and collaboration results in a lower cost of maintenance. With this UC solution Avaya has a capability set that will win in the marketplace.


Technology Leader, Avaya
Thank you for all the amazing teamwork between all the functions that went into the delivery of this solution!  Without everyone pulling in the same direction we could have never pulled this off.  I know how hard the team has worked to get the solution to the market.