Simplified Amazon FBA listing software



  • Develop a product without in-house development capability
  • How to leverage years of Amazon selling experience
  • Create a listing tool that is simple to use


  • Dedicated full stack development team
  • End-to-end approach for strategy, business analysis and support
  • Modern and responsive WebApp solution


  • Single point of listing for FBA sellers in the US and UK
  • Listing software that saves time and money
  • Superior user experience

The case

Listtee is fast and easy-to-use listing software for Amazon FBA sellers. By using next generation IT technologies, Listtee makes selling via Amazon much easier, cheaper and more competitive.

Listtee’s challenges

For many FBA sellers, listing products, performing warehouse management and monitoring online purchases via the Amazon Seller Central used to be a very time-consuming process. As an existing Amazon seller at the time, the company realized that there is a need for listing software that is easier, simpler and more efficient.

The choice for Grape Up

In Listtee’s quest for a custom software development provider, they wanted a partner capable of providing end-to-end software development services including design, strategy, support and continuous maintenance. With extensive experience working for both Fortune500 companies and successful start-ups, Grape Up was a good fit for the project.

Grape Up’s deliverables and biggest challenge

Using a dedicated multi-disciplinary team, Grape Up and Listtee first set out to create the product roadmap, followed by software and architecture design and development using an agile framework. Grape Up firstly created a desktop RIA-application and later a modern WebApp using technologies like Java Enterprise Edition, HTML5 and modern frameworks such as Angular.JS. Listtee had a development skill gap which made it challenging to correctly translate the desired business outcomes to software design and development.

Project achievements

Over the years Listtee has become a start-up success with great market adoption and significant market share. An easy, simple and secure listing tool with a fresh UI and responsive web-design make Listtee one of the favorite tools of Amazon FBA sellers.