One platform to run them all

Cloudboostr Open Cloud Platform is a complete cloud-native software stack that integrates open source technologies like Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Thanks to this, enterprises can build, test, deploy and operate any workload on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Core technologies:

Cloudboostr distinguishes itself as a single platform that integrates OSS components without hiding the internals. It unlocks the potential of these individual OSS components and allows to enjoy the comfort of dedicated enterprise support.

Top benefits:

  • No license fee

    Lower cost guarantee of running any workload in the cloud

  • 100% upstream compliance

    Reduced risk of upgrade compatibility issues and the complexity of applying patches

  • Pre-configured

    A complete enterprise-grade cloud stack ready in days

  • Hybrid runtime engine

    Cloudboostr gives enterprises the freedom to choose the best suitable runtime for their needs

  • 10+ years of cloud experience

    Cloudboostr can easily adapt to current and future requirements

Cloudboostr integrates a complete cloud-native software stack:

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Find out how you can build, test, deploy and operate any workload on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

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Key functions

Enjoy an error-free environment thanks to ready-to-use templates, proven architectural patterns and cloud best practices. Benefit from open source technology regardless of the size of your company.

Run any workload in the cloud

Cloudboostr’s Cloud Engine comes built in with Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR) and Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR). This hybrid runtime integration allows you to take full advantage of both CaaS and PaaS functionalities.

  • CFAR

  • Most effective runtime for deploying cloud-native 12-factor applications.
  • Application code is automatically packaged into containers and runs in the cloud.
  • Built-in support for Java, Go, .Net, Node. js, Ruby, PHP, Python, static websites, and binary executables with the possibility to add support for custom languages.
  • CFCR

  • A Kubernetes-certified solution which allows you to instantiate, deploy, and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters.
  • Most effective runtime for deploying workloads in developer-built and pre-packaged containers.
  • Gives operators high levels of flexibility and control in managing the internals of the runtime.

Centralized Operations Control

Cloudboostr’s Ops Control is an integrated set of time-tested tools to centralize, automate and simplify operations and management of the platform itself. With Ops Control, operators have the ability to easily instantiate and tear down multiple environments, reflecting various stages of the software development process.

Integrated Telemetry

The Cloudboostr Telemetry system collects metrics, monitors all platform components and is integrated with the Cloud Engine. The pre-configured visual dashboards provide the ability to view information about the current usage, the state of the platform as well as each component, and browse all the collected metrics.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Support

Cloudboostr uses HA-mode by default and leverages the cloud’s multi-AZ capabilities. It also automatically backs up and restores individual components of the platform and their state and data, allowing you to easily recreate and restore a corrupted or failed environment.

Enterprise centric

Cloudboostr is tailored to solve the tension between IT and business by facilitating in one platform the foundation for compliance and risk management without compromising the need for speed and agility.

Dedicated Enterprise Support

Cloudboostr provides a multi-tiered support system to provide the best possible service in the most efficient way.

  • Level 2 & 3 support for all Cloudboostr components
  • Unlimited number of support requests
  • Operations support in operating, patching and customizing platform components
  • SLA with flexible support hours, tailored to your specific support requirements
  • Multiple support channels like email and Slack to satisfy your communication needs
  • Backup strategy assistance and execution guidance

Add-on features

Optional components can be set-up with Ops Control and integrated with the Cloud Engine and Telemetry.

  • Application Deployment Automation
    (e.g. Jenkins, Concourse)
  • External Services
    (e.g. Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ)

Compliance Certification

Cloudboostr is actively seeking certification of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, thereby becoming an official Cloud Foundry distribution. This will be proof of the 100% upstream compliance that is baked into Cloudboostr by design.