Cloudboostr is a complete Kubernetes stack that allows enterprises to deliver applications faster, better and safer in private and public clouds.

Why Cloudboostr

Cloudboostr is a unified platform that integrates upstream Kubernetes with proven open source components for automated cluster operations and application lifecycle management across multiple cloud and on-prem infrastructures. It unlocks the potential of these individual open source components without hiding their internals and with dedicated enterprise support allows to fully benefit from cloud-native opportunities.

Top benefits

  • Multicloud

  • Quick deployment
    and setup

  • Flexible

  • 100% upstream

  • No license

Cloudboostr integrates a complete cloud-native software stack:

Key functions

Cloudboostr components are fused together by a combination of custom code, automation, and configuration templates. Companies can stand up a complete cloud-native environment in hours and benefit from ready-to-use templates, proven architectural patterns, and cloud best practices.

Multicloud container runtime

Cloudboostr comes built-in with a Kubernetes-certified solution which allows to deploy and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters in a multicloud environment.

Operators have the ability to quickly instantiate and tear down multiple cluster instances and to take full advantage of container orchestration functionalities, all from a single control plane.

Integrated telemetry

Cloudboostr Telemetry system automatically collects metrics and logs, and monitors all platform components as well as cluster nodes and workloads.

The pre-configured visual dashboards provide the ability to view information about the current usage, the state of the platform as well as each component, and browse all the collected data.

Centralized operations

Cloudboostr OpsControl is an integrated set of time-tested tools to centralize, automate and simplify operations and management of the platform. Operators can easily deploy upgrades, install patches and apply configuration changes to individual components of the platform.

OpsControl actively monitors the health of all virtual machines and automatically resurrects failed or unresponsive nodes. Built-in mechanisms to backup and restore individual components of the platform and their state and data allow to easily recreate and restore a corrupted or failed environment.

Pre-configured open platform

Cloudboostr is built purely from 100% upstream compatible open source components fused together by a combination of automation code and adjustable configuration templates.

Pre-defined configuration allows to quickly stand up a complete Kubernetes environment and benefit from ready-to-use templates, proven architectural patterns and cloud-native best practices.

Enterprise support

Cloudboostr provides a perfectly optimized remote support service in the most convenient way.

2nd and 3rd level support for all Cloudboostr components (including OSS)

Operations support in operating, upgrading, patching and customizing the platform

Backup strategy assistance and execution guidance

SLA tailored to your specific support requirements

Unlimited number of support requests

Multiple support channels


A direct helpline to Cloudboostr experts who will give you answers and get you back on the right track.


Dedicated Support Engineers are available to provide hands-on assistance with any issues related to your Cloudboostr installation.

& maintenance

A managed service, aimed at maintaining a 24/7 continuity of your business and ensuring your Cloudboostr platform functions properly, securely and reliably.